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With Kitchen Scissors And Chutzpah

by Suzanne Hooley

"Suzanne Sez … " (Short Editorial Zone)

Chutzpah  (the “c” is silent) is a wonderful Yiddish word that can best be defined as  shameless audacity and brazen nerve  … come what may!   Used in a sentence:  “A few nights ago, I had the  chutzpah  to take the kitchen scissors and cut off 7 inches of my own hair!”    Yes I did.

And yes, I know that every hair stylist out there is cringing right now, and that a blunt cut with kitchen scissors is not the nicest way to treat one’s hair.    But I had “had it” with the lifeless ends, and the excessive length (which was really starting to get in the way) … and I was not going to take the time nor the money to have it properly cut, when I could quickly do the job myself for free.    Chutzpah.

So with a towel on the bathroom floor and the kitchen scissors at-hand, I pulled my hip-length hair into a loose ponytail at the nape of my neck, allowing it to hang straight down behind me.   Looking into the mirror, I determined that about 7 inches would bring my hair back to a manageable length, just above my waist … I dampened the soon-to-be-gone deadness with some tap water and secured a chip-clip (for closing bags of potato chips!) at the desired length … bent forward and flipped the mess over the top of my head so I could see what I was doing … adjusted the chip-clip slightly, to be as horizontal as possible … and cut along the edge of the clamped mess.   Done!    That  was easy!

I flipped my hair back behind me again to have a look-see … not bad!   The lifeless ends were gone, and I actually cut pretty evenly … chip-clips are a wonderful invention, and I just discovered yet another use for them.    (I’ll have to write about the amazing uses of chip-clips some day!   But I digress … )

I suppose I don’t advocate taking kitchen scissors to your hair … but in my moment of self-sufficient, damn-the-torpedoes exasperation, I quickly came up with really good plan!   Sometimes in Life — personal or professional — you just have to make an educated guess, hedge an outcome, take a calculated risk, and  just go for it … come what may !!

Total time spent:  4 minutes, 20 seconds.
Total cost:  $0.00
Total chutzpah:  Priceless!

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2 Responses to “With Kitchen Scissors And Chutzpah”

January 03, 2013 at 12:01 pm, Jennifer Aldrich said:

Suzanne, I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you yet, but by your articles I can certainly tell I like your style – you are a wonderful writer, keep up the good work. Jennifer Aldrich


January 03, 2013 at 2:57 pm, Suzanne Hooley said:

Thank you so much, Jennifer … I appreciate the compliment! I’m very grateful for the opportunity to write both professional and personal posts … it’s truly a pleasure!
And yes, we have to get you up here to CPC, or find a reason (tradeshow or conference?!) to send me to Florida for a few days!
Thanks again for your encouraging comment … take care! ~ Suzanne


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