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The Music Is You …

by Suzanne Hooley

"Suzanne Sez … " (Short Editorial Zone)

“I will LIVE … with integrity, within my faith-based values and beliefs, within my financial means … using my unique gifts … of imagination, conscience, independent will, and self-awareness … to make a positive difference in people’s lives, to be the light for them to see by, and to give back what I have learned and received from others!”
~ Suzanne Hooley

The statement above, is my own personal and professional mission statement.   My mission statement is a very private part of me, but I’ve chosen to share it with you in this blog, because I want you to know that YOU have a very special mission in this Life … YOU have a very special purpose for being on this planet …

YOU have a Song to sing!

Author, Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote:   Most people go to their graves with their music still inside of them!”

Men and women alike, we “have the world by the tail” so-to-speak … we are successful business people … athletes … artists … loving family members …

Yet we often flounder within ourselves … never recognize our true self-worth … never pursue the dreams and aspirations deep within our souls … nor encourage the dreams and aspirations of our spouses, partners, and children.    And then we leave this Earth (perhaps rather suddenly) …

… and with our Music still inside of us … never to be expressed.

Readers, DON’T  let that happen to you … DON’T  die with your Music still inside of you!!   And at the same time, don’t lament all the “high notes” of this Life that you either can’t or won’t hit … leave those to the “Pavarotti’s”, the “Beverly Sills’ ” … the proverbial “opera singers” of this world.

Instead … be  YOURSELF.       Be the unique person that YOU  were created to be.

Today … and every day … for the remainder of your time on this Earth … I challenge you :

Define YOUR mission, identify YOUR purpose … sing YOUR Song!

Sing the Song that’s in your head … and the Song that’s in your heart.

And always … ALWAYS remember … that the Music … is YOU!!!

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