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The Cost Of Downtime …

by Suzanne Hooley

"Suzanne Sez … " (Short Editorial Zone)

As a follow-up to our recent post about how “bad power will cost you money”, I’ve skimmed through some online business and efficiency studies which report that commercial and industrial facilities experience an average of over 500 hours of network and operational downtime each year!   That’s just shy of 25% of the time (based on the typical 40-hour work week of 2,080 hours per year)!!   Completely unacceptable!!   Consequently, these companies are losing millions of dollars in annual productivity and revenue!   Is your company one of them?

These studies revealed significant details about lost productivity due to business interruptions which included everything from complete power outages, to all types of system failures caused by electrical power quality problems.

Consider the following details:

Did you know ….. that over 70% of the companies surveyed had been adversely affected by or were at risk for power outages?   Over 50% of these companies had experienced debilitating hardware, software, and communications failures as a result.

Did you know ….. that these business disruptions have cost 77% of the surveyed companies over $100,000 dollars?   The remaining 23% have lost between $100,000 to over $5 million dollars.

Did you know ….. that 54% of the surveyed companies reported that their hourly cost of business interruptions was between $50,000 dollars to over $5 million dollars?

Did you know ….. that 60% of the surveyed companies said that their very survival was at risk within 1 – 48 hours after a business disruption?   The remaining 40% were severely at risk within 72 hours.

Did you know ….. that only 37% of the surveyed companies have corporate-wide contingency plans in place?   The remaining 63% either have plans in certain locales or departments, are currently developing plans, or have no contingency plans in place at all.

With all these details in mind, did you know that Controlled Power Company is your electrical power quality solutions provider?!

Our full complement of UPS, power conditioners, centralized emergency lighting inverters, voltage regulators and constant voltage transformers, and K-rated isolation transformers protect your facility and its life safety and mission critical applications from the effects of the business disruptions described above.

When failure is not an option, ask us how we can help you avoid the cost of downtime!

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