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Success Is Being Free To Fail

by Suzanne Hooley

"Suzanne Sez … " (Short Editorial Zone)

What one thing would you dare to dream, and do, if you knew you could not fail?

And what if you did fail … why should that stop you?

Someone asked me those questions several years ago.   Although I don’t remember the circumstances of the particular situation, I do know that when I deliberately ask those questions of myself now, they give me the freedom to be creative and imaginative!

I’ve learned that failure — while temporarily painful — is part of the learning, growing process.   And failure brings results.   It is written that Thomas Edison “failed” at least 1000 times in refining / perfecting the filament in an electric light bulb!   But rather than thinking of that as “failure”, Edison prided himself in creatively finding over 1000 ways that didn’t work!

Most of you have likely been around young children — whether your own, or those of your friends or relatives.   Think of this analogy — think about watching a young toddler learn to walk.   The child fell — “failed” — time and time again.   And occasionally you saw that child fall so hard that you thought (s)he would be afraid to get up and try again.   But toddlers do get back up!   And they do try again!   And they aren’t afraid!   Toddlers see grown-ups and other children walking better than themselves — and still, they do not give up!   They have the inate freedom to keep trying and failing … and trying and failing … and trying and failing … 
And in that freedom to fail, lies the key to their success … they eventually master walking!

As adults, you and I are the same way.   We will never be free to succeed … until we allow ourselves to be free to fail !
There is only one decent way to live this life, and that is to have the courage to not only dream your dream, but to LIVE your dream!
Take that first step!   Whatever it is.   And then take another step, and another — progress, stumble, fall down, learn, get up, try again …
Always keep confidently moving forward in the direction of your dream!

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