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Uninterruptible Power Systems

Uninterruptible Power Systems

Controlled Power Company’s line of Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) is second to none in overall performance and power conditioning capabilities.

Each of our UPS’s feature no-break sine wave power, voltage regulation, isolation, and power conditioning. Unlike some competing battery backup systems, our UPS products have been carefully designed to operate in both industrial and commercial facilities. When used in industrial applications, our systems can handle harsh electrical environments which are often plagued with significant voltage transients, sags, surges, and brownout conditions. Used in commercial installations, our UPS products fit aesthetically with their surroundings and perform reliably for years!

All of our UPS models are available with an integral isolation transformer, which competing manufacturers typically don’t offer. This allows us to address the voltage transformation requirements often needed by our customers. Additionally, we also offer “long battery runtimes” based on the specific needs of each customer’s application.

Our UPS line is available from 700VA up to 25kVA single phase with both double conversion and line interactive technologies. Both UPS technologies deliver outstanding performance and reliability, as well as unique power conditioning characteristics that allow us to address any electrical environment.




03 21

Controlled Power Company Launches Newly Re-Designed Website

Controlled Power Company, a U.S. manufacturer of a full line of commercial, industrial, and medical-grade electrical power quality solutions, announces the launch of its newly re-designed website,   Using a contemporary development platform, the new website was designed with the …

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11 19

Emergency Egress Lighting Solutions

Just curious … as a lighting designer or specifying engineer, are you able to thoroughly investigate the available  commercial / industrial emergency egress lighting solutions?   As you specify UL 924 Listed battery backup products (for example, wall-mounted “bug-eyes”, emergency ballasts, …

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10 16

Bad Power WILL Cost You Money!

While the electric utilities do a good job of generating quality power, it’s through the very nature of electrical transmission and distribution that these utility companies then ‘lose control’ of the quality of the electric power that a commercial / …

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10 05

NEW! Seismic-rated Emergency Lighting Inverters

Controlled Power Company, a U.S. manufacturer of a full line of commercial, industrial, and medical-grade electrical power solutions, announces the availability of seismic-rated, centralized emergency lighting inverters. The company’s single phase “UltraLITE Model ELU” (1.5 kW – 14 kW) …

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