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Medical-Grade Power Conditioners and UPS

Medical-Grade Power Conditioners and UPS

Medical-grade “power quality” products are specifically designed to protect and enhance the performance of medical equipment.

Medical-grade “power quality” refers to all electrical environment issues that affect the performance and reliability of medical imaging and treatment equipment, as well as patient-vicinity diagnostics and monitoring systems. By providing uninterrupted and/or clean, stable power to critical medical systems, hospitals and healthcare facilities can obtain the highest level of image quality and diagnostic reliability, optimize workflow and patient satisfaction, and realize the ultimate in component and system reliability.

Controlled Power Company manufactures single phase uninterruptible power systems (UPS) that are UL 60601-1 listed, provide a true no-break output, and are ideal for patient/attendant vicinity medical systems. For three-phase applications that include CT, MRI, PET, Linear Accelerator, X-ray, and other imaging/treatment equipment, we manufacture our SureImage Series of products that include Power Conditioning Transformers (with or without Line Voltage Regulation), as well as Power Distribution Units (PDUs) designed specifically for “Medical OEM” equipment. All SureImage models are specifically designed to meet the high momentary power demand of medical imaging and X-ray equipment, while continuing to provide tightly regulated voltage.




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Maximize Profits Through Power Quality!

Is your industrial facility, sensitive electronic instrumentation, or automation process experiencing fluctuating voltages, line noise, or brownouts … thus disrupting your normal operation and production processes?   Are you looking for a permanent solution?

Disruptive electrical noise and damaging power anomalies …

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Centralized Battery Backup — Emergency Egress Lighting Solutions

Wouldn’t it be great if you could simplify NFPA 101 compliance and lower maintenance costs?   We can show you how!

With NFPA standards reflecting automatic testing of life safety systems and computer-based reporting of test results, our lighting inverters are …

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NEW! Website File-Upload Capability!

We want to inform you of an exciting, brand-new feature on our website!

As sales prospects, existing customers, engineers, distributors, electrical contractors, end-users, etc … you now have the ability to securely upload drawing files and other supporting documents which …

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Single Phase, LED-Compatible, Seismic-Rated Emergency Lighting Inverter

Many new construction projects are now including LED fixtures in their lighting design … and some of these LED fixtures are designated for emergency egress lighting.   If you’ve been tasked with specifying a cost-effective, LED-compatible lighting inverter to provide power …

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