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High Efficiency K-Rated Transformers

ULTRA K Series 600K he 5kVA 500kVA sm

High efficiency K-rated power conditioning transformers High efficiency, K-rated power conditioning transformers which meet and exceed DOE 2016 minimum efficiency standards!

“Bad power” in the form of voltage transients, spikes, and high frequency noise can wreak havoc with sensitive electronics and controls! At a minimum … data corruption may occur, causing system upset and unexpected system restart. Worse yet … high energy transients will lead to premature component failure!

The ULTRA-K Series 600K-he is a high efficiency, K-rated, power conditioning transformer, specifically designed to provide a high degree of electrical noise attenuation and transient voltage suppression to protect sensitive electronic loads. Offered with four different K-factor ratings (K4, K7, K13, and K20), the ULTRA-K is fully compatible with non-linear loads, handling the high harmonic currents associated with such loads.

As an owner or specifying engineer, when you select the ULTRA-K over competing brands, you’re simply choosing the very best high efficiency, K-rated, power conditioning transformer available!

Our ULTRA-K transformers are available in single phase models from 5kVA to 25kVA, and in three phase models from 15kVA to 500kVA.

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NEW! “TrueLITE Model ELS” Three Phase Emergency Lighting Inverter!

We continue to capitalize on market-driven features that electrical distributors, contractors, and lighting engineers are seeking in their emergency lighting projects.   And as a result … we’re excited to introduce and launch our NEW  “TrueLITE Model ELS” three phase centralized …

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“FastLITE Model FST” Product Update!

Since the release of our “FastLITE Model FST” fast-transfer emergency lighting inverter this past winter, we’ve received a number of requests for 120 minutes runtime.   We’re excited to announce that we now have this update!

525 W – 2.2 kW …

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High Efficiency, Fast-Transfer Emergency Lighting Inverter

Now more than ever before, LED fixtures are being used for emergency lighting applications.   And electrical power quality plays a big role in those LED fixtures.   When we took a look at the needs of the emergency lighting inverter market, …

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Maximize Profits Through Power Quality!

Is your industrial facility, sensitive electronic instrumentation, or automation process experiencing fluctuating voltages, line noise, or brownouts … thus disrupting your normal operation and production processes?   Are you looking for a permanent solution?

Disruptive electrical noise and damaging power anomalies …

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