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Emergency Lighting Inverters UL924

EON Model EL3 (10kW to 55kW) Three Phase

Choose LED-compatible centralized emergency lighting inverters!

Knowing that emergency egress lighting specifications for new construction and retrofit projects include LED fixtures … we’ve designed our inverters with a high peak overload capability to accommodate the inrush current from LED fixtures / drivers while the inverter is fed from the AC power source, or even while in battery mode!

Simplify NFPA 101 compliance and lower maintenance costs!

With NFPA standards reflecting automatic testing of life safety systems and computer-based reporting of test results, our inverters are being used more now than ever before! That’s because we meet (and can exceed) the automatic testing defined in NFPA 101 — On models provided with our Intellistat monitor, an “Egress Lighting Integrity Test” is performed which checks the individual circuits leading to the emergency fixtures, as well the fixture itself. All test results and inverter status can be remotely communicated via BACnet, Ethernet, MODBUS TCP, or MODBUS RS485.

Read our “Egress Lighting Solutions” brochure to learn more about our “Egress Lighting Integrity Test” and the “NFPA 101 Life Safety Code,” as well as online and standby offline lighting inverter topologies. And for our Canadian customers (including specifying engineers, lighting designers, and distributors), read our “CSA/NBCC compliance addendum”, which supports the selection and application of our emergency lighting inverters in Canada!

Controlled Power Company manufactures single phase lighting inverters rated at 550W – 18kW, and three phase models at 10kW – 55kW. The standard battery runtime is 90 minutes at full load, with alternative runtimes available. Seismic-rated models are available!




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Single Phase, LED-Compatible, Seismic-Rated Emergency Lighting Inverter

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Discover Our High Efficiency, K-Rated, Power Conditioning Transformers

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To our valued customers and industry partners:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic … effective March 24, 2020 and for the following (3) weeks through April 14, the Governor of Michigan has issued a “stay home, stay safe” executive order restricting …

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CPC’s “Egress Lighting Integrity Test”

In terms of monitoring, testing, data recording, and recordkeeping, the matrix below shows which of our centralized emergency lighting inverters meet or exceed NFPA 101 (up through and including section


Compliance With NFPA 101     (click image to enlarge)… read more >
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