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Mass Transit

Mass transit using trains and subways can be one of our greatest conveniences or biggest frustrations! We want to be on time, and more importantly, we need to be safe. Power quality and battery backup systems play an important role in meeting these two objectives.

The primary use of battery backup is to maintain uninterrupted power to critical controls for ventilation fans and water pumps, as well as status/warning lights for train personnel. Track-side telemetry and security/surveillance systems are also key areas of concern requiring uninterrupted power.

We have a number of product solutions that provide power conditioning and line voltage regulation, as well as uninterrupted power for critical controls and monitoring systems!

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For information about battery backup systems for emergency lighting in train stations and on passenger platforms, please read about how we serve the Emergency Lighting market!


03 21

Controlled Power Company Launches Newly Re-Designed Website

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11 19

Emergency Egress Lighting Solutions

Just curious … as a lighting designer or specifying engineer, are you able to thoroughly investigate the available  commercial / industrial emergency egress lighting solutions?   As you specify UL 924 Listed battery backup products (for example, wall-mounted “bug-eyes”, emergency ballasts, or standby inverters), are you aware that for many customer sites there are far better, code-compliant solutions? Thought-provoking questions, indeed!  …

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10 16

Bad Power WILL Cost You Money!

While the electric utilities do a good job of generating quality power, it’s through the very nature of electrical transmission and distribution that these utility companies then ‘lose control’ of the quality of the electric power that a commercial / industrial / healthcare / educational facility receives and uses.   While over- and under-voltages can certainly…

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10 05

NEW! Seismic-rated Emergency Lighting Inverters

Controlled Power Company, a U.S. manufacturer of a full line of commercial, industrial, and medical-grade electrical power solutions, announces the availability of seismic-rated, centralized emergency lighting inverters. The company’s single phase “UltraLITE Model ELU” (1.5 kW – 14 kW) and three phase “EON Model EL3” (10kW – 33kW) inverters are designed and tested in…

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