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At Controlled Power Company, we understand that the government market is vast and has diverse power quality needs. Local, regional, and federal government facilities all must be recognized. Our resume reflects decades of experience and hundreds of unique applications.

Municipal and regional facilities include airports containing cargo scanning and baggage handling systems. Federal facilities encompass military bases, prisons, embassies, and research centers in which I.T. infrastructure and building security are deemed critical. In addition, agency-specific applications involve test bays and aircraft flight simulators. Without question, these systems and applications require a clean, stable, and often times uninterrupted power source!

While the demand for reliable power is significant “on dry land,” let’s not forget shipboard power. We haven’t. That is why we offer single phase ABS-approved uninterruptible power solutions from 7.5kVA – 25kVA. Consult factory for details.

We have a number of product solutions for the systems and applications described above!

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For information about battery backup systems for emergency lighting in government facilities, please read about how we serve the Emergency Lighting market.


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Discover Our High Efficiency, K-Rated, Power Conditioning Transformers

As many of you may have experienced … “bad power” in the form of voltage transients, spikes, and high frequency noise can wreak havoc with sensitive electronics and controls!   At a minimum … data corruption…

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To our valued customers and industry partners: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic … effective March 24, 2020 and for the following (3) weeks through April 14, the Governor of Michigan has issued a “stay home,…

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CPC’s “Egress Lighting Integrity Test”

In terms of monitoring, testing, data recording, and recordkeeping, the matrix below shows which of our centralized emergency lighting inverters meet or exceed NFPA 101 (up through and including section   Compliance With NFPA…

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Solutions To Electrical Power Disturbances

Have you ever wanted a simple matrix that illustrates  “which types of electrical power quality products solve which types of power problems”? We have just such a document to help you! Our “Solutions To Electrical…

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