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Keeping schools and educational facilities running efficiently is critical in today’s society, and power quality plays an important role. Since computers and other electronic devices are now commonplace within classrooms and other school venues, there is certainly a requirement for clean power.

To provide protection from electrical noise and voltage transients, “clean power” panelboards are often installed to feed computer lab rooms, and to protect sensitive A/V equipment within the performing arts center. Each panelboard is supplied power from a multi-shielded, K-13 rated, computer-grade isolation transformer, typically together with a surge protection device (SPD).

In addition to clean power, uninterruptible power is crucial for school security systems. These systems include video surveillance cameras covering campus entry points and hallways, as well as outdoor gathering spaces and parking lots. Battery backup is also needed for critical systems that allow the school to communicate both on campus and with local police and fire departments.

Controlled Power Company offers a variety of products for schools and universities that address these power quality needs!

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For information about battery backup systems for emergency lighting in schools and universities, please read about how we serve the Emergency Lighting market!


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Our Guiding Principles & Values

Over the past few months, Controlled Power Company has continued to grow and prosper as we integrate with Trystar, LLC.   While we are now solely owned by Trystar (a Faribault, Minnesota-based manufacturer of portable industrial…

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NEW! “TrueLITE Model ELS” Three Phase Emergency Lighting Inverter!

We continue to capitalize on market-driven features that electrical distributors, contractors, and lighting engineers are seeking in their emergency lighting projects.   And as a result … we’re excited to introduce and launch our NEW  “TrueLITE…

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“FastLITE Model FST” Product Update!

Since the release of our “FastLITE Model FST” fast-transfer emergency lighting inverter this past winter, we’ve received a number of requests for 120 minutes runtime.   We’re excited to announce that we now have this update!…

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High Efficiency, Fast-Transfer Emergency Lighting Inverter

Now more than ever before, LED fixtures are being used for emergency lighting applications.   And electrical power quality plays a big role in those LED fixtures.   When we took a look at the needs of…

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