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Commercial / Retail

In today’s commercial and retail facilities, it is important that the regulated voltage and backup power is supplied to protect critical operations and data. In addition to I.T. equipment in general, applications include surveillance cameras, security systems, and network communications. For retail, battery backup for point of sale protection is a must, including the network hardware responsible for communicating sales transactions.

Building automation, control, and monitoring are crucial because they allow facility engineers to control the building’s climate and energy usage, and understand the status of critical systems. Power quality and reliable battery backup are required. In addition, line voltage regulators are a solution when variable frequency drives (VFDs) are shutting down due to under-voltage conditions, or their controls are being damaged by over-voltage conditions.

Commercial facilities also contain “non-linear” loads which produce harmonics. These harmonics create additional heat within the electrical distribution systems, and may affect electronic systems fed from the same power source. High efficiency K-rated power conditioning transformers are installed to accommodate these harmonics and create a safe electrical environment.

Controlled Power Company offers a variety of products for commercial facilities that address these power quality needs!

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For information about battery backup systems for emergency lighting in sports arenas, theaters, and other entertainment facilities, please read about how we serve the Emergency Lighting market!


06 05

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Emergency Egress Lighting Solutions

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