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We encourage you to submit your resume for any position(s) for which you are qualified!

Note that general labor positions require you to successfully pass a written tool test, which will be administered at the time of your in-person interview.

Current available career opportunities are listed below:


General Labor


Controlled Power Company is seeking to fill General Labor positions in our manufacturing plant.


  • Product assembly

Qualifications & Skills:

  • High school graduate, or equivalent
  • Solid work background, previous experience preferred
  • Successfully pass a written tool test, grade of 80% minimum

To apply for this position, please apply in-person or e-mail your resume to Human Resources,


Design Engineer


Controlled Power Company is looking for a resourceful, innovative, and hardworking individual for a Production Design Engineer position.  The roll will support product Designers and Detailers with technical assistance, as well as with design and development of electrical and mechanical systems.


  • Thermal and electrical analysis of semiconductors and other components
  • Design and implementation of electrical systems, including three phase power and signal level control circuitry
  • Application and sizing of products to fit customers’ needs, based on specifications and/or site studies
  • Thermal and structural analysis of electro-mechanical systems
  • Manage small projects with potential to take on a larger Project Management role

Qualifications and Skills:

  • A strong understanding of low voltage (<600V) single and three phase electrical systems is a must
  • A basic understanding of heat transfer, thermodynamics, and structural design is favorable
  • 3D modeling experience is a must, and simulation knowledge is a plus
  • Strong communication skills are a must
  • Minimum, 4 year Technology degree or better, focused on Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EET)
  • Minimum 2 years workplace experience is preferred, but not required

To apply for this position, please e-mail your resume to Human Resources,



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07 01

Single Phase, LED-Compatible, Seismic-Rated Emergency Lighting Inverter

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Discover Our High Efficiency, K-Rated, Power Conditioning Transformers

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To our valued customers and industry partners: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic … effective March 24, 2020 and for the following (3) weeks through April 14, the Governor of Michigan has issued a “stay home,…

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CPC’s “Egress Lighting Integrity Test”

In terms of monitoring, testing, data recording, and recordkeeping, the matrix below shows which of our centralized emergency lighting inverters meet or exceed NFPA 101 (up through and including section   Compliance With NFPA…

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