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Software Downloads

For specific products, Controlled Power Company offers FREE, post-sale software downloads that assist you with various setup, communication, record keeping, and maintenance tasks. Downloads also allow you to view real-time system parameters and a history of logged battery tests and alarm events. Click on the product tab below for a detailed explanation of its supporting software, as well as download instructions. For assistance with any download, we offer 24/7 technical support at 1-800-521-4792.


The FST Interface Application enables the FastLITE Model FST to communicate directly with a computer, laptop, or Windows tablet. By using a USB A/B Cable (printer cable), the user’s remote device can be connected to the FST’s USB Communications Port. The FST Interface Application enables the alarm event log and battery test log to be viewed and electronically saved as a report document to comply with NFPA 101, section

To get started, open the Zip folder below. Download both the FST Interface Manual, as well as the executable file. The FST Interface Manual includes “Quick Start” instructions to install drivers and to setup a Virtual COM Port on the remote device. Once the Virtual COM Port is established, the FST Interface Manual provides step-by-step instructions for viewing the Model FST’s system setup, status, real-time parameters … as well as viewing and electronically saving the alarm event log and the battery test log.

Download Files

Note: The contents of this Zip folder are ineffective without actually connecting to the Model FST inverter.

Models ELC & ELU Communication

The “UltraLITE Models ELC and ELU” communication drivers enable the user to connect either of these inverter models to a computer in order to view log files, as well as check / change system parameters and battery test information. Once communication has been established with the inverter, data can be obtained by entering two-character commands into the computer via a Terminal Application.

The communication drivers are backwards-compatible with all Windows operating systems, including Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8. To get started, open the Zip folder below and download both the PDF instruction file and the executable file which are specific to your computer’s operating system.

Download Files


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