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NEW! Three Phase Emergency Lighting Inverter!

by Suzanne Hooley

Emergency Lighting, General Power Quality, Medical Power Quality, Company News


We are proud to officially launch our long-awaited,  NEW  EON Model EL3  three phase centralized emergency lighting inverter!

10 kW – 33 kW sizes

(3) battery cabinet configurations available

Optional output distribution cabinet (not shown)

Available in …

“UPS Solutions For Mammography” — New Whitepaper!

by Suzanne Hooley

Medical Power Quality, Company News

In today’s medical centers and healthcare clinics, the electronic sophistication of medical imaging and diagnostic modalities is providing enhanced imaging, precise diagnostics, and the delivery of highly-accurate data.   And because of the advanced technology of the equipment itself, modalities such …

NEW! SwitchLITE™ Model EZT

by Suzanne Hooley

Emergency Lighting, Company News

Our  NEW  SwitchLITE™ Model EZT Automatic Transfer Switch for emergency lighting applications allows dimmable lighting fixtures to function as essential emergency lighting!

The SwitchLITE Model EZT (Emergency Zone Transfer Cabinet) is UL 1008 listed and designed to automatically transfer 4, …

Looking For Superior Voltage Regulation?

by Suzanne Hooley

General Power Quality

Manufacturing operations in the 21st century have become increasingly complex due to high-tech automated assembly / packaging processes, greater production demands, equipment repeatability and reproducibility standards, and quality control metrics.

Many manufacturing facilities and industrial applications (e.g., aerospace, lasers, machine …

Recent Power Outages Across The U.S.

by Suzanne Hooley

Emergency Lighting, General Power Quality, Medical Power Quality

In recent weeks and months, the U.S. has been plagued with a number of widespread, major power outages, which have affected millions of electrical utility customers.   The causes of these recent outages were primarily from faulty equipment and acts of …

What’s An “NFPA 99 Compliant” UPS?

by Suzanne Hooley

Medical Power Quality

Patient safety is a primary concern when selecting a medical-grade uninterruptible power system (UPS) for use in hospitals and other healthcare facilities — especially when that UPS is going to be used with patient vicinity and portable (cord-connected) equipment.


Hello, and Welcome!

by Suzanne Hooley

Emergency Lighting, General Power Quality, Medical Power Quality, "From the Field", Industry News, Company News, Press Releases

You’ve found our recently-launched company blog!!   Maybe you stumbled-upon us in an online search for a power quality term, or maybe someone pointed you in our direction.   Nonetheless, we’re glad to have you with us here … thanks for stopping …

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