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Uninterruptible Power Supply

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Uninterruptible Power Supply Products

For more than 40 years Controlled Power Company has refined and developed their Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) that now are setting the standard when it comes to protecting your critical equipment. All UPS Series provide voltage regulation, emergency power, power conditioning, and no-break continuous power. Whether your critical application is within a commercial, medical, or industrial facility, the products below provide seamless power transfer to back-up power and also prevent data loss.

Benefits of UPS products

  • Option of up to 72 hours of extended battery backup
  • Pre-assembled batteries that are installed and tested within the UPS
  • Voltage regulation of ± 3% to extend the life of protected equipment
  • Computer grade isolation for voltage conversion, as well as the attenuation of ground noise, voltage spikes, and transients.

LT Series (700 VA to 2.1 kVA)

The LT Series is a single phase, seamless transfer, uninterruptible power supply. It purifies polluted and irregular electrical power containing voltage spikes, surges or other power variances. The outcome is regulated, clean, computer-grade power that reduces downtime and maintenance costs.

MD Series (3.1 kVA to 7.5 kVA)

To ensure optimum performance, the MD Series incorporates a ferro-resonant transformer to provide a seamless transfer to battery back up. This transformer assures no-break continuous power, removes common ground noise, and provides power conditioning. Because the transformer is always in the power circuit, the MD corrects for bad input voltage waveforms with distortion levels up to 40%.

HV Series (7.5 kVA to 25 kVA)

The HV Series improves the lifespan of the equipment connected to it by limiting the load's high surge current demand. In doing this, load power supplies produce less heat, and reliability is increased. Combined with tight voltage regulation, power conditioning, and battery backup, the HV Series delivers exactly the power needed.

UltraUPS (3 kVA to 5VA)

The UltraUPS is a single phase, modular, true online double conversion UPS system. Fuzzy Battery Intelligence is one of the many features included in this Uninterruptible Power Supply. To conserve battery power, the Fuzzy Battery Intelligence prevents the unnecessary switching to battery by increasing the input voltage window of the UPS. The battery and inverter control modules of the UltraUPS are stackable or can fit in most 19" racks.