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Rectifier Options

Option Number Option Description
11860 Remote Control Panel
11861 Remote Control Panel For Integral Controlled
11870 Cycle Timer
11871 Audible Alarm With Pilot Light And Silence Switch
11879 Timed Two Level Control (Low to High)
11880 Timed Two Level Control (High to Low)
11881 Command Timed Two Level Control
11890 Command Two Level Output Control
11892 E Coat Timed Two Level Control With Alarm
11900 Command On/Off Control
11901 Remote Start/Stop
11910 Tank Voltage Compensation
11911 Remote Voltage Sensing
11920 Automatic Periodic Current Interruption
11940 Auto Shut-Off And/Or Alarm AMP/HRS
11960 Totalizing AMP HR Meter(Digital)
11961 Totalizing AMP HR Meter/Preset Pump Signal
11962 Totalizing AMP HR Meter/Pump Stroke Counter
11963 Totalizing AMP HR Meter/Pump Stroke Counter w/ 2 Rectifier Inputs
11970 Automatic Slope Control
11980 Clear Anodizing Program Control
11990 Color Anodizing Control Timed
12000 Color Anodizing Control Timed & Digital AMP-HR Meter
12010 External Adjustable Limit Control
12020 Parallel Control
12030 Module Off Alarm
12131 Dual Isolation Board
12231 Single Channel Interface Card 4-20 MILLI-AMP Or 0-10 Volt
12232 Digital Voltmeter
12233 Digital Ammeter
12234 Replaceable Air Filters
12235 Ripple Filter
12236 Fuse Blown Indication
12238 Undervoltage Meter
12239 Capacitor Charge Indication
13000 DC Isolation Switch