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Uninterruptible Power Supply Requirements


When selecting an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for commercial, industrial or medical applications, there are 3 major uninterruptible power supply requirements that must be met for optimum protection of critical equipment.  

1) The UPS must have a no-break transfer to battery. Many types of electronic equipment cannot tolerate even a small break in the output of the UPS. Any interruption in output power can cause data loss, equipment malfunction and unnecessary downtime.

2) The UPS must be a power conditioning UPS. Electrical power today is more polluted than it has ever been. The increased use of manufacturing equipment, switch mode power supplies, motors, furnaces and other types of power polluting equipment will cause spikes, sags, surges, harmonics and other power anomalies which damage or upset microprocessor-based electronic systems. The result is downtime and increased maintenance costs. Many UPS’s do not regulate voltage, nor do they “clean” the power feeding the equipment.

3.) The UPS must have a flexible and dependable battery configuration. Many small UPS’s use inexpensive batteries and “low tech” charging systems which result in premature battery failure. Also, many UPS’s are provided with limited battery run time capability…less than 10 minutes at full load. A quality UPS system should provide 10 year design life batteries, a smart charging system and offer extended battery back up run times to fit your application and provide extended protection.

Controlled Power Company manufactures a complete line of UL listed, no-break, power conditioning UPS systems for use in commercial, medical and industrial environments. Each of our UPS systems provides superior power conditioning and filtering, voltage regulation of +/3% or better, attenuation of input and load generated harmonics and feature computer grade galvanic isolation, which attenuates spikes and other high frequency noise.  Our UPS systems have customizable battery options with extended runtimes up to 72 hours. The batteries in our UPS systems have a 10 year design life for added dependability.

If you would like more information on our UPS systems, you are welcomed to visit our UPS page. If you would like more information on our entire line of power protection products, please visit our homepage.