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Uninterruptible Power Supply Manufacturers in USA


Controlled Power Company is an ISO 9001 certified, Uninterruptible power supply manufacturer in the USA. Our UPS systems are available with output power ratings from 700VA to 25kVA single phase and each feature: tight voltage regulation +/- 2.5% to 3%, no break power, computer grade isolation for ground noise attenuation and voltage conversion, true harmonic attenuation, and extended battery run times up to 72 hours.

Each of our UPS’s is UL and cUL listed and manufactured in the United States at our Troy, Michigan facility. Each UPS system’s major components reflect almost 100% North American content. Our UPS’s are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards and each one is inspected and tested to assure that it meets these standards. 

We manufacturer UPS’s for use in many different areas of business. For commercial applications, we offer our LT, MD, HV and UltraUPS Series of UPS’s. These UPS’s cover output power requirements from 700VA to 25kVA and are installed in a wide variety of applications such as: IT computers, phone systems, security or surveillance systems, and many others. For industrial applications, the LT, MD, and HV are also used because of their rugged design and outstanding power conditioning characteristics. In addition we offer our eLITE Model ELS, our UltraLITE Model ULU, and our LTN UPS systems. These UPS models are provided in front access only style enclosures designed to take up minimal floor space, even with extended battery run times.

If you would like more information about Controlled Power Company as a leading uninterruptible power supply manufacturers in the USA, you may visit our home page. If you would like more information about our UPS systems, you may visit the UPS page on our website.