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Quality Power Solutions


Controlled Power Company is the leader in quality power solutions for medical, commercial and industrial business sectors.  We have over 40 years of experience in solving power quality problems by providing quality power solution products and technologies.

We design and manufacture high quality UPS systems, lighting inverters, power conditioners, constant voltage transformers, ac line voltage regulators, k-rated isolation transformers and DC power supplies. Our UPS systems range in size from 700VA to 25kVA single phase. Each of our UPS’s feature: no-break power, tight voltage regulation, noise and harmonic attenuation.

Our power conditioners are available in output ratings from 250VA to 25kVA single phase and 10kVA to 1MVA three phase. Each of our power conditioners reduce or eliminate harmonics, regulate voltage and attenuate ground and line noise. Our single phase ferroresonant power conditioners are constant voltage transformers that provide full harmonic attenuation, +/-2% voltage regulation, isolation, noise attenuation, and power ride-through capabilities. Our three phase power conditioners are also available with high intermittent kVA ratings for medical imaging and treatment modalities.

Our k-rated isolation transformers are available in output ratings from 5kVA to 25kVA single phase and 15kVA to 500kVA three phase. Our K-rated isolation transformers provide triple shielding for high common mode noise attenuation (140dB), high line noise attenuation characteristics, triplen harmonic attenuation, K-ratings for handling harmonics and high intermittent kVA ratings for medical imaging and treatment modalities.  
Our lighting inverters are available in output ratings from 550W to 18kW single phase.  They provide true no break, regulated emergency power to normally on and normally off lighting fixtures in the event of an emergency or power outage. All of our inverters are UL924 listed and NFPA 101 compliant for life safety.

Controlled Power Company also manufacturers a complete line of DC power supplies. for anodizing, metal finishing and electrocoating applications.

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