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Power Line Conditioners


Power Line Conditioners

Controlled Power Company manufactures a complete line of single and three phase  power line conditioners for industrial, commercial and medical equipment. All of our power line conditioners are manufactured, inspected and tested in the United States.  

Single Phase

Single phase power line conditioners: Controlled Power Company manufactures the Power Purifier in commercial and industrial models, the Power Processor, and the Ultra-K. The Power Purifier is a constant voltage transformer that features +/-3% line voltage regulation, full harmonic attenuation, isolation and high noise attenuation. The Power Processor features +/-3% line voltage regulation, high common mode and transverse mode noise attenuation, isolation, optional extended input voltage range and power metering. The Ultra-K is a premium isolation transformer / power line conditioner that provides high common mode (ground) noise attenuation (146dB), high transverse mode (line) noise attenuation and excellent voltage stability to dynamically changing loads. 

Three Phase

Three phase power line conditioners: Controlled Power Company manufactures the Series 700A Power Processor and Ultra-K for commercial and industrial applications. The Power Processor is a power line conditioner that features +/-3% voltage regulation, 140dB common mode (ground) noise attenuation, high transverse mode (line) noise attenuation, and an optional extended input voltage range of +10%, -40% for extreme sag/surge correction. The Ultra-K features premium isolation, high ground noise (146dB) and line noise attenuation, plus excellent output voltage stability during step load conditions.

For the medical market, Controlled Power Company manufactures the SureImage Models 700F/M and Ultra-K/M, designed to protect imaging and treatment equipment. The rating of our SureImage line conditioners is expressed in continuous KVA and intermittent KVA, or K(i). Our power line conditioners have a low output impedance design and high surge rating which allow them to handle the high momentary power demand of imaging equipment when going from standby to scan mode. The intermittent rating also results in a smaller transformer size, minimizing foot print. Both models are designed specifically for imaging and treatment equipment such as MRI, CT, PET and Linear Accelerators. The Model 700F/M features a front access design, tight line voltage regulation (+/-2%), high line and ground noise attenuation (146dB) and isolation. It features optional power quality monitoring, which can diagnose power problems for effective site power analysis.

If you would like more information about our single phase constant voltage transformers, and three phase power line conditioners, you may visit our power conditioners page. If you would like more information about our entire line of power conditioning and uninterruptible power systems, please visit our home page.