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MRI Room Design


One critical component of MRI Room Design is to assure that proper DC power, not AC, is being fed to the lighting fixtures inside the MRI room. EMI produced by AC lighting affects image quality and equipment performance. The power that is being fed to lighting fixtures must be clean and regulated. Power problems such as voltage sags and swells can cause poor illumination in the MRI suite. High frequency transients can cause lighting fixture damage as well as contribute to image distortion. In MRI room design, it is often the preference that the MRI personnel are able to dim and brighten the lights from within the room itself.

The SuiteLITE, manufactured by Controlled Power Company, is an AC to DC power supply specifically designed to satisfy MRI room design criteria. Not only does it supply clean DC power that is required for MRI room lighting, but it also features a manual dimmer to adjust intensity control of the MRI lighting, closed loop voltage regulation to within +/-2% to assure consistent intensity, an isolation transformer to prevent high frequency transients from interfering with MRI equipment and an optional "In Suite" electronic dimmer control that allows personnel to adjust intensity of the lights from within the MRI suite. With all of its features, the SuiteLITE meets all lighting power requirements for MRI room design.

Single Phase Sizes: 600W, 1200W, 2000W, 3000W

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