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MRI Artifacts


Poor power quality is a major contributor to MRI image artifacts. Power anomalies such as spikes, surges, sags and unwanted electrical noise all contribute to the inaccurate detection, processing and display of images in MRI systems.

Controlled Power Company manufacturers a complete line of power conditioning products specifically engineered for MRI and other imaging / treatment systems. Each of our power conditioners provides premium normal mode and common mode noise attenuation, as high as 140dB. This attenuation stops harmful electrical noise from damaging medical equipment and prevents unwanted MRI artifacts in the images.

In addition to common mode and transverse mode noise attenuation, some power conditioning models also provide line voltage regulation. Because of the complexity and sensitivity of MRI systems, it is a requirement that the source voltage be stable and within certain nominal limits. Voltage fluctuations that are utility generated, as well as those resulting from other equipment operating within the healthcare facility, often exceed these limits. Our voltage regulating power conditioners keep the voltage to within +/- 2% of nominal, preventing unwanted shutdowns, repeat scans and MRI image artifacts resulting from unstable voltage. 

All of our power conditioners have a continuous and intermittent KVA rating. They are specifically designed to meet the high momentary power demand created by medical imaging equipment, while providing the tightly regulated voltage required. This assures optimal performance of the MRI system.

If you would like more information about our power conditioning products for eliminating MRI artifacts, you may visit our medical power conditioning page. If you would like more information about our entire line of medical, commercial and industrial power protection products, you may visit our homepage.