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Line Conditioners


Line Conditioners

Controlled Power Company manufactures single and three phase AC line conditioners for industrial, commercial and medical equipment applications. Each of our line conditioners provides excellent normal mode and common mode noise attenuation, tight voltage regulation and premium isolation.

Poor power quality is a major contributor to malfunctions in industrial, commercial and medical equipment. It is especially detrimental in medical imaging applications, such as MRI, CT and other types of imaging systems, where poor power quality can generate artifacts in the image, cause system restarts and reduce the reliability of electronic components.

Medical Applications

Controlled Power Company's new SureImage AC line conditioners are designed for medical imaging and treatment applications. SureImage line conditioners are available in two different models: the Model Ultra-K/M and the Model 700F/M. Both models provide 3 phase line conditioning, isolation and are designed specifically for equipment such as MRI, CT, PET and Linear Accelerators. The rating of all SureImage line conditioners is expressed in continuous KVA and intermittent KVA, or K(i). Each model's low output impedance and K(i) rating allow it to handle the high momentary power demand of imaging equipment when going from standby to scan mode. This design assures optimal performance of the imaging equipment and reduces the overall footprint of the SureImage enclosure. The Model 700F/M line conditioners provide tight line voltage regulation (+/- 2%) and are provided in a front access style enclosure. They feature optional power quality monitoring, which can effectively diagnose power problems for effective site power analysis.

Commercial and Industrial Applications

For commercial and industrial applications, Controlled Power Company has an extensive line of ac line conditioners for practically any application. When line conditioners are required to provide line voltage regulation and power conditioning, Controlled Power Company offers the Commercial or Industrial Power Purifier(constant voltage transformer), the Power Processor or the Power Commander Plus. These line conditioners regulate voltage to +/-3% or better, and attenuate common mode noise to 120dB or better. When line conditioners are needed to provide clean power and isolation alone, Controlled Power Company offers the Ultra-K power conditioning, high efficiency, K-Rated transformer. The Ultra-K provides premium transverse mode and common mode noise attenuation (146 dB CMNA) and handles high harmonic loads.   

If you would like more information about our medical, commercial or industrial line conditioners, you may visit our power conditioners page. If you would like more information about our entire line of power conditioning and uninterruptible power systems, please visit our home page.