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Isolation Transformers


Isolation Transformers

Controlled Power Company manufactures isolation transformers(single phase and three phase models) for industrial, commercial and medical equipment applications.

When isolation transformers are required in industrial, commercial or medical applications, it is important to know the required characteristics and performance benefits. In industrial and commercial applications, high efficiency, noise attenuation and harmonic attenuation are required. In medical applications, the requirements include a low output impedance, noise attenuation, high efficiency and tight load regulation.

Ultra-KCommercial and Industrial

The Ultra-K is a K-rated isolation transformer manufactured by Controlled Power Company for use in industrial and commercial applications where a high efficiency premium isolation transformer is required. The Ultra-K has the one of the highest common mode noise attenuation ratings in the industry at 146dB! The Ultra-K meets the NEMA efficiency standard TP 1-2002 for dry type distribution transformers, enforced by the Energy Policy Act of 2005. The Ultra-K is available in K-ratings up to 20 for high level harmonic handling capability. In addition to the harmonic handling, the Ultra-K also attenuates triplen harmonic currents from the line, preventing the harmful effects of current and voltage THD from affecting electrical equipment.

SureImage Model Ultra-K/MMedical Imaging and Treatment

The SureImage Ultra-K/M is an isolation transformer / power conditioner specifically designed for use in medical imaging and treatment applications such as MRI, CT, PET and Linear Accelerators. The Ultra-K/M has a K(i) rating (intermittent KVA) and low output impedance design to meet the need of today’s medical imaging and treatment systems which demand a cyclic, high inrush of power. Other manufacturers typically over size their isolation transformers to meet this demand. Using the Ultra-K/M, this is not necessary. The Ultra-K/M provides a low impedance output, which results in a steady voltage during current inrush from imaging scans and/or treatment equipment. This produces more successful scans and less equipment failures. The Ultra-K/M also protects imaging and treatment systems by attenuating harmful common mode (ground) and transverse mode (line) noise.   

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