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Industrial Uninterruptible Power Supply


Controlled Power Company's line of Industrial Uninterruptible Power Supply systems (UPS) is second to none in performance as well as power conditioning capabilities. Each of our Industrial Uninterruptible Power Supply systems feature no break sine wave power, voltage regulation, isolation and power conditioning not found in commercial grade battery back up systems. Our complete line of industrial UPS’s protect process critical equipment from voltage sags, surges and harmonics which knock process controls off line and create downtime!  

Our Industrial UPS product line is available in the following product Series and output ratings. Each Industrial Uninterruptible Power Supply has available battery runtimes up to 72 hours!

Series         VA or KVA ratings
LT/LTN        700VA to 2.1kVA
MD              3.1kVA to 7.5kVA
HV               7.5kVA to 25kVA
For more information, please click on one of the following links: LT LTN MD HV. If you would like information on our entire line of industrial power quality products, you may also visit our industrial products page.