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Hospital Grade Power


Hospital Grade Power

Hospital grade power must conform to greater standards of both safety and quality than most commercial and industrial power. Controlled Power Company manufactures power protection and conditioning equipment which provides hospital grade power, and offers the following hospital grade power products: SureImage Models Ultra-K/M and 700F/M designed for MRI, CT, PET and Linear Accelerator equipment, the Commercial Power Purifier for use in patient vicinity applications, and the MedPoweRx Model LT/M Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) also for patient vicinity applications.      

SureImage Models Ultra-K/M and 700F/M

Controlled Power Company’s new SureImage models are designed to provide hospital grade power to medical imaging and treatment equipment. Both the Ultra-K/M and 700F/M provide 3 phase line conditioning, isolation and are designed specifically for medical imaging and treatment equipment such as MRI, CT, PET and Linear Accelerators. Each model’s low output impedance and K(i) rating (intermittent KVA) allow it to handle the high momentary power demand of imaging equipment when going from standby to scan mode. This design assures optimal performance of the imaging equipment. The Model 700F/M line conditioners provide tight line voltage regulation (+/- 2%) and are provided in a front access style enclosure.

Commercial Power Purifier

The Commercial Power Purifier is a power conditioner / voltage regulator that provides hospital grade power to patient vicinity equipment. It features +/-3% voltage regulation, full harmonic attenuation, an input current THD of less than 10% and galvanic isolation. The Commercial Power Purifier carries the UL 544 safety listing for patient vicinity equipment in which leakage current to ground cannot exceed 300 micro amps. The Commercial Power Purifier is available with hospital grade receptacles and line plug.

MedPoweRx Model LT/M

The MedPoweRx LT/M is a medical grade, UL 60601-1 listed, power conditioning UPS which provides hospital grade power to patient vicinity equipment. The Model LT/M features no-break transfer to battery, tight voltage regulation of +/-3%, full harmonic attenuation, galvanic isolation, and a leakage current to ground of less than 300micro amps, which is required for patient and attendant safety.

If you would like more information about our SureImage Models Ultra-K/M, 700F/M or MedPoweRx Model LT/M, you may visit themedical product page.  If you would like information about the Commercial Power Purifier, you may visit the Commercial Power Purifier page. Or if you would like more information about our entire line of power protection products, please visit our home page.