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Exit Lighting Backup


Keeping required exit lighting illuminated in the event of a power failure is critical for life safety.  When power is lost, emergency lighting inverters are essential in providing exit lighting backup. Exit lighting includes exit signs, as well as normally on and normally off lighting used for safe egress.  Exit lighting backup can be accomplished using a centralized emergency lighting inverter, which greatly reduces the time and expense of monthly testing and eliminates the replacement of individual exit lighting backup batteries throughout a facility. Power all of your exit lighting and other life safety systems with one power source!

Controlled Power Company has developed an entire line of no-break, HID compatible, NFPA and life safety code compliant, emergency lighting inverters that provide 90 minutes or more of battery back up. All of Controlled Power Company's emergency lighting inverters are listed to UL924/UL924a standards and are also NFPA 101 compliant.

Single Phase Sizes: 550W to 20KW
Voltages: 120V, 208V, 240V, 277V, 277/120V, 347/120V
If you would like more information on our entire line of emergency lighting inverters, please visit our emergency lighting inverter page. If you would like information on our complete line of power products, please visit our homepage at: www.controlledpwr.com.