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DC Power Rectifier Supply


Controlled Power Company manufacturers a dc power rectifier supply for virtually any industrial anodizing, e-coat or plating application. Our rectifiers are available in 6 and 12 pulse designs with voltage ratings of 6V to 1000VDC at current ratings of 35A to 24,000A DC. Each of our rectifiers can be provided with an output ripple filter, of less than 5%, which assures pristine finish quality and even paint distribution in anodizing and e-coat applications. Our 12 pulse systems can be ordered with an output ripple of 1% or less for an extra smooth and even finish in e-coating applications! Our rectifiers are also available in air cooled as well as water cooled configurations for harsh environments where corrosive material can damage the DC power rectifier supply. Some of our rectifiers are available in modular configurations. With a modular configuration, the rectifier has redundant power modules. When maintenance needs to be performed on the unit, the rectifier can operate at a reduced capacity until the maintenance is complete; this eliminates downtime. With a modular configuration, additional modules can be installed, thus increasing the capacity without the need of purchasing an additional rectifier.

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