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Battery Power Inverter Backup


Battery power inverter backup is important especially in the area of life safety. Emergency lighting inverters manufactured by Controlled Power Company provide the necessary battery power inverter backup required to meet life safety and NFPA standards as well as local codes.

Each of our inverters is UL924 listed and NFPA 101 compliant, which are requirements for lighting inverter systems. Our inverters also provide tight voltage regulation: +/- 3% or better, which is essential for the reliability of fluorescent lighting ballasts and the proper operation of HID fixtures, which will shut off if the voltage falls too low. In compliance to NFPA 101 and 111, our inverters perform automatic, unattended battery testing, which eliminates the costly testing and maintenance of individual emergency lighting battery packs. They also feature: fixture integrity testing, a normally off bus for emergency only fixtures, advanced local and remote monitoring, front access cabinetry, and multiple voltages for US and Canadian standards.

All of our inverters for battery power inverter backup are designed, manufactured and tested in the United States to the highest quality standards. Each inverter system’s major components reflect almost 100% North American content.

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