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Choosing the right equipment for your anodizing application is critical, especially in the area of DC power. In Aluminum anodizing applications, one symptom of a poor performing rectifier is poor finish quality. Streaking or inconsistent coating is often the result. Controlled Power Company manufactures a complete line of rectifiers for aluminum anodizing as well as color anodizing applications. Our aluminum anodizing rectifiers are available in voltage configurations ranging from 24V to 125V (other voltages are available) at 1000A to 10,000A. They provide precision stabilized voltage & current as well as voltage or current regulation for consistent, high quality finishing results. To further ensure a high quality uniform finish, our rectifiers are provided with output filtering to achieve better than 5% AC RMS ripple. Our anodizing rectifiers are built in sealed, powder-coated enclosures. Water cooling is utilized to protect from corrosion, which is a common occurrence in harsh industrial anodizing environments. Our anodizing rectifiers are available in modular redundant designs, which increase uptime and allow for expandability.

If you would like more information about our rectifiers for anodizing applications you can click on our Series 30, Series 1800 or Series 2400 pages. Or if you would like information about our entire line of rectifiers you can visit our rectifiers page.