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480volt Power Conditioner


Controlled Power Company manufacturers a 480volt power conditioner to protect sensitive electronic equipment used in commercial, industrial, and medical applications. Our power conditioners range in output ratings from 250VA to 25kVA single phase and 10kVA to 1MVA three phase. For single phase applications, two technologies are offered: ferroresonant and tap-switching. Our ferroresonant power conditioners are constant voltage transformers that provide full harmonic attenuation, +/- 2.5% voltage regulation, isolation, noise attenuation and power ride-through capabilities. Our single phase tap-switching regulators provide tight voltage regulation with a 1 cycle correction time, isolation, noise attenuation, triplen harmonic attenuation, as well as an extended input voltage window of  +10%, -40% or +20%, -30% for extreme sag/surge conditions.

Our three phase power conditioning regulators utilize tap-switching technology and are available in output power ratings from 10kVA to 1MVA. They have the same performance characteristics as the single phase tap-switching conditioner, with the exception of models designed for the medical market. These models are designed to protect MRI, CT, PET and other medical imaging or treatment modalities that required tighter voltage regulation, lower output impedance and a high intermittent kVA rating.    

Controlled Power Company also manufactures a K-rated 480volt power conditioner / isolation transformer featuring: triple shielding for high common mode noise attenuation, output filtering for high transverse mode noise attenuation, K-ratings up to 20 for handling harmonics, as well as a low output impedance and high intermittent kVA rating for medical imaging and treatment applications.

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