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120 vdc Rectifier


120 vdc Rectifier for DC Lighting

Controlled Power Company produces high performance 120 vdc rectifiers for use in MRI room lighting systems. For applications involving MRI DC lighting, Controlled Power Company has designed a 120 vdc rectifier called the SuiteLITE. The SuiteLITE is an adjustable, 120 vdc rectifier that supplies regulated 120VDC to MRI lighting fixtures. The SuiteLITE also features an "In Suite" dimmer control that allows medical personnel to adjust the intensity of the lights within the MRI suite.

If you would like more information about a 120 vdc rectifier for MRI rooms, then you can visit our SuiteLITE page.

120 vdc Rectifier for Anodizing

In the area of anodizing applications, Controlled Power Company manufacturers a 120 vdc rectifier for many types of aluminum anodizing. Our 120 vdc anodizing rectifiers are available in current ratings of 1000A to 10,000A. They provide precision voltage or current regulation for consistent, high quality finishing results. To further ensure a high quality uniform finish, our rectifiers are provided with optional output filtering to achieve better than 5% AC RMS ripple. Our anodizing rectifiers are built in sealed, powder-coated enclosures with water cooling, to protect from corrosive environments. Air cooled designs are also available. Our rectifiers are available in modular, redundant designs which increase uptime and allow for expandability.

If you would like more information about our anodizing rectifiers you can visit our Series 30, Series 1800 or Series 2400 pages.