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12 Pulse Thyristor Convertor


Maintaining a high quality finish in e-coat painting applications is critical. Mapping and film rupturing are all signs of a poor performing 12 pulse thyristor convertor. Controlled Power Company manufactures a high performance 12 pulse thyristor convertor called the Series 5012. The Series 5012 uses 12 pulse technology to assure a smooth DC voltage with less than 5% AC RMS ripple from 25% to 100% of the output voltage range. In instances where less ripple is required, an optional filter can be installed to achieve a ripple of about 1% or less. With the Series 5012, the amount of harmonics reflected back to the AC utility is kept to a minimum, thus protecting other sensitive equipment in the facility. The Series 5012 is available in output voltages ranging from 250V to 600V and a current range from 1000A to 1400A. The installation of a Series 5012 assures optimum performance of your e-coating system resulting in a smooth and even paint finish.

If you would like more information about our Series 5012 12 pulse thyristor convertor, you can visit the Series 5012 product page. Or if you would like to know more about our entire line of DC power supplies you can visit our DC power supplies page.