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Power Quality Seminar

Periodically, we also offer FREE 1/2-day "Power Quality Seminars" at our Troy, Michigan headquarters.

"Increase Productivity thru Power Quality"

1. About the Power Quality Seminar
2. Who Should Attend the Seminar
3. Agenda of the Seminar
4. What do Past Attendees have to say?
5. How do I participate in this seminar?

1. About the Seminar

The art and practice of an organization dedicated to learning power quality and uninterruptible uptime is the theme of Controlled Power Company's half-day seminar. The presentation will share practical solutions to perennial, universal down-time and power quality problems. The seminar will help improve your organization's throughput reliability by fostering open dialogue between presenters and attendees on new and important uptime and power quality ideas, issues, techniques, and experiences.

What is a power quality problem?

Power quality problems come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They cost you any where from a couple hundred dollars to upwards of a million dollars depending on the size and type of problem you have. Commonly power problems are defined as spikes, surges, sags, brownouts, outages, and harmonics. In the business world, they are defined as burnt-out motors, erroneous motion of robotics, corrupt data on hard drives, unnecessary downtime, and increased maintenance costs. There are simple, cost-effective ways to deal with these problems, which this seminar is designed to show you.

2. Who Should Attend and Why

This seminar is designed for anyone involved in providing uninterruptible uptime infrastructures and overall throughput efficiency of electrical systems - information systems, data center, telecommunications managers; facility or building supervisors, engineers, and managers; architects, specifiers and design engineers.

Attendees and their companies benefit from the seminar by gaining a greater understanding of the types of power line problems that persist, their affects on the company's productivity, and the solutions to these power line problems in an easy to comprehend language. Another benefit from the seminar is attendees are encouraged to openly discuss past or current experiences in power line problems for the enrichment of the forum.

3. Agenda

All program elements aim to increase the reliability and efficiency of the attendee's technological infrastructure by presenting the specific power line problems, effects, and solutions. Open dialogue between attendees and the presenter is encouraged throughout.

The 5 major categories of power line problems

Learn the definition, cause, and effects of transients, fluctuating voltage, brownouts, blackouts, and harmonic currents. See these power line problems in graphical terms.

How power problems affect Industrial, Medical, and Commercial applications

Discover what equipment is susceptible to power line problems and what these problems can do to your operations.

Financial and Productivity impact of power problems

What is the real cost of: a mission-critical system to be down; cost of system restart; cost of idle employees?

Solutions to power problems: Power Conditioning and Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Learn of different topologies in the power conditioning and uninterruptible power supply industry complete with advantages and disadvantages of each topology.

Ask specific application questions

Open dialogue for help on current applications.

4. Listen to what some of our past attendees have say about the Controlled Power Company power quality seminar:

"Well organized presentation with superb visuals. The moderator was clear, concise and articulate. All my questions were answered." Sal Macera, Product Manager, C & D Charter Power Systems.

"Very informative. Great for those who were not up to speed on all the issues surrounding power quality and how to correct these problems." Frank Nicosia, Service Representative, PECO Energy.

"The seminar provided me with a broad range of power quality solutions, as well as the causes of power problems without peddling their products." Daniel McConnell, Sr. Electrician, Ortho Diagnostics Systems, Inc.

"The seminar was non-sales oriented, easy to understand, and just technical enough for everyday practice." Glenn Kowalski, Electrical Engineer, Aqualon-Hercules.

"The overview of system (power conditioning, uninterruptible power supply, and voltage regulator) operation complete with Advantage/Disadvantage analysis was particularly helpful to a person without and Electrical Engineering degree." John Gilroy, Project Engineer, Maida Engineering.

5. How do I participate in this seminar?

Controlled Power Company presents the "Increase Productivity thru Power Quality" Seminars in selected cities throughout the United States. We also offer in-house seminars to companies that have significant interest in the power quality subject. Participation in Controlled Power Company's "Increase Productivity thru Power Quality" Seminar is easy. Simply e-mail us from the hyperlink at the bottom of the page with your:

  • Name
  • Company
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Brief message on what you are specifically interested in

A Controlled Power Company Representative will call you to give you information on when the next seminar will be in your area. By e-mailing Controlled Power, you can also request to be put on a "Power Quality" mailing list that will mail you articles and information about concerning the power quality topic.

If you are interested in future availability, please e-mail Controlled Power.