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10 - 13 - 2015

"New Seismic-Rated Power Conditioners" Press Release -- Controlled Power Company

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September 25, 2015.  Troy, Michigan.

Controlled Power Company www.controlledpwr.com, a U.S. manufacturer of a full line of
commercial, industrial, and medical-grade electrical power solutions, announces the availability 
of OSHPD pre-approved, seismic-rated power conditioning voltage regulators for installation 
in commercial, industrial, and hospital facilities!

The Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) is a California 
government department which monitors the planning and oversight of hospital construction.   
OSHPD mandates that any equipment required to withstand an earthquake and function
afterwards, be approved and certified via shake-table testing to specific criteria.   Equipment 
that falls under this mandate is typically life safety related ... including emergency lighting, 
MRI / CT scanners, emergency room tables; as well as all electrical support equipment 
such as power conditioners, voltage regulators, transformers, panel boards, and generators.

Controlled Power Company's commercial / industrial "Series 700F" and medical-grade "SureImage Model 700F/M" now meet seismic standards which satisfy OSHPD, California
Building Code (CBC) 2013, and International Building Code (IBC) 2015 requirements!

Citing an increasing number of requests for seismic-rated equipment throughout its North 
and Central American markets, the company's "OSHPD Seismic Pre-approval" (OSP) 
certifications will reduce the time required for an overseeing engineer to locate and select 
power conditioning and voltage regulating equipment.


 Power Processor Series 700F (10kVA – 150kVA)

 SureImage Power Processor Model 700F/M

"Series 700F" "SureImage Model 700F/M"

Power Conditioning Voltage Regulators


About Controlled Power Company:
As the "world's recognized authority in power treatment", Controlled Power Company engineers and 
manufactures the industry's highest quality
emergency lighting inverters and power conditioning equipment. 
Incorporating over 40 years of power protection technology and expertise, the company provides solid,
long-lasting, integrated solutions.

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