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NEW! SwitchLITE Model EZT

06 - 20 - 2012

"SwitchLITE Model EZT" Press Release -- Controlled Power Company

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SwitchLITE  Model EZT


June 20, 2012.  Troy, Michigan.

Controlled Power Company www.controlledpwr.com, a U.S. manufacturer of a full line of
commercial, industrial, and medical electrical power solutions, announces the availability of 
its new  SwitchLITE™  Model EZT  Automatic Transfer Switch for emergency lighting
applications, which allows dimmable lighting fixtures to function as essential emergency lighting.

The SwitchLITE Model EZT (Emergency Zone Transfer Cabinet) is a UL 1008 listed product,
designed to automatically transfer 4, 6, or 8 individual 20-amp branch circuits to emergency 
power when normal power fails, and then back to normal power once it has been restored.
Upon transfer to emergency power, lighting fixtures that are dimmed (or off) are brought to full
illumination to provide safe egress.   The SwitchLITE Model EZT satisfies the requirements 
of NFPA 70 as related to Automatic Transfer Systems, and is compliant with the 
ANSI / NFPA 110 Standard for Emergency and Standby Power Systems.

Ideal for use in a dimmer rack application, together with an emergency lighting inverter 
(or standby generator) as the emergency power source, the SwitchLITE Model EZT's rugged 
and intelligent
design brings performance and reliability to critical emergency lighting systems.
Facilities in which the SwitchLITE Model EZT may be used include theaters, auditoriums,
restaurants, casinos, and worship centers.


 SwitchLITE Model EZT  Automatic Transfer Switch

20" W  x  7.75" D  x  31" H
84 lbs. maximum

UL 1008 Listed, Transfer Switch Equipment,
Automatic Transfer Switch For Emergency

C-UL Listed to CSA Standard C22.2, No. 178.1
Automatic Transfer Switches


About Controlled Power Company:
As the "world's recognized authority in power treatment", Controlled Power Company engineers and 
manufactures the industry's highest quality
emergency lighting inverters and power conditioning equipment. 
Incorporating over 40 years of power protection technology and expertise, the company provides solid,
long-lasting, integrated solutions.

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