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NEW! Model ELC Compact Lighting Inverter

12 - 16 - 2009

"UltraLITE Model ELC" Press Release -- Controlled Power Company

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"Model ELC"


December 11, 2009.  Troy, Michigan.

Controlled Power Company www.controlledpwr.com, a U.S. manufacturer of a full line of
commercial, industrial, and medical electrical power solutions, announces the availability of its
new  UltraLITE  "Model ELC"  Compact  Centralized Emergency Lighting Inverter.

Featuring one of the smallest cabinet footprints in the industry, the UltraLITE "Model ELC"  
is a true no-break system, with regulated output and transient voltage protection for LED
lighting, electronic ballasts, as well as all other lighting applications and life safety systems.
Compact in stature and footprint, the UltraLITE "Model ELC" contains the required 
90 minutes of battery backup (and optionally up to 4 hours total backup time) in a 
22" W  x  11.75" D cabinet.   The UltraLITE "Model ELC" is floor-mounted and wall-secured,
and its front access design promotes ease of operation and maintenance --- left, right, or rear
access is not required.

Available in 600 W to 2 kW single phase sizes, the UltraLITE "Model ELC" effectively 
maintains critical lighting systems with extended brownout protection, tight voltage regulation, 
and power conditioning.   Tight voltage regulation assures that facility egress lumens are
maintained 100% at emergency lighting fixtures, in all modes of operation, and also extends 
ballast and lamp life.

Providing uninterrupted, regulated, continuous sinewave output for use with "normally on" 
lighting fixtures and exit lamps, and standby output for use with "normally off" emergency 
lighting fixtures, the UltraLITE "Model ELC" is both HID and generator compatible.

The UltraLITE "Model ELC" is UL 924 Listed for 90 minutes of runtime at full-rated kW 
output, or with optional runtimes from 15 minutes to 4 hours; and also C-UL Listed for 
30 minutes of runtime.

This compact inverter also meets NFPA 101 and 111, NEC, IBC, and local electric codes.

   "UltraLITE Model ELC"
Compact Centralized Emergency Lighting Inverter

22" W  x  11.75" D

UL / C-UL 924 Listed
Meets NFPA standards as "Life Safety Equipment"


About Controlled Power Company:
As the "world's recognized authority in power treatment", Controlled Power Company engineers and 
manufactures the industry's highest quality
emergency lighting inverters and power conditioning equipment. 
Incorporating almost 40 years of power protection technology and expertise, the company provides solid,
long-lasting, integrated solutions.

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