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Mission Controlled Power Company's mission is to improve the present and future security of its customers and employees through growth and profitability. This is achieved by designing and producing high quality products and services in an efficient manner. In achieving this, our customers receive long term value improvement, and our employees secure their future by sharing in the condition and progress of the company.

To achieve the policy objectives, Controlled Power Company is committed to establishing, maintaining, and continually improving an effective Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of the relevant sections of the ANSI / ISO / ASQ - Q9001 - 2008 Standard.

We believe:

  • that people are our most valuable asset, and that they must be accepted and treated as responsible and worth human beings. This belief commits us to those efforts which will increase their level of self-esteem and their value to our company.
  • that all actions affecting the status and welfare of our people must be weighed against a common standard of fairness and reasonableness.
  • that honesty and the absolute freedom of expression are essential to the mutual respect and the achievement of a common purpose.
  • that an individual's worth is measured by what he or she does, and that the ability to achieve results is the primary basis on which people are employed, promoted, and rewarded.
  • that every person should have the opportunity to progress within the company; but that the responsibility for self-development toward that end, rests with the individual.
  • in providing a compensation and benefits program that is competitive and affordable, and that provides the opportunity for all employees to share in the condition and progress of the company.