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Emergency Power Inverters

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Emergency Power Inverters

Controlled Power Company manufactures a complete line of UL 924 Listed emergency power inverters designed to comply with all NFPA 101 and Life Safety Code Standards. These standards have created a strong demand for reliable emergency lighting and power inverters. To supply this demand, Controlled Power offers a diverse line of no-break, power conditioning, emergency power inverters to provide your building's emergency lights with the required 90 minutes of battery backup in case of power loss.

Benefits of Controlled Power Company's Emergency Power Inverters

  • Compatible with a range of different lighting applications using HID, incandescent, halogen, quartz lighting, LED, and electronic ballasts
  • Listed to UL 924 / UL 924A standards and NFPA 101 code compliant
  • Generator compatible, designed to provide uninterrupted back-up power until a generator starts
  • True no-break output
  • NFPA-compliant automatic battery testing and logging of results

UltraLITE Model ELC (600 W to 2 kW)

The UltraLITE Model ELC features one of the industry's smallest cabinet footprints. This emergency power inverter is a true no-break system and offers regulated output and voltage protection for LED lighting, electronic ballasts, as well as all other current and future lighting systems. The UltraLITE Model ELC's optional Normally Off Bus "Plus" includes an adjustable soft start to accommodate the high inrush current of "normally off" emergency lights.

UltraLITE Model ELU (1.5 kW to 14 kW)

The UltraLITE Model ELU power inverter is a self-diagnostic, self-testing centralized battery backup system. These features allow for greater reliability, security, and versatility to meet all emergency lighting requirements. This inverter provides an uninterrupted, regulated, continuous sinewave output for use with normally on lighting fixtures and exit lamps. In addition, the UltraLITE Model ELU offers a standby output for normally off emergency lighting fixtures. This line of emergency power inverters delivers voltage regulated, spike-free power to emergency lighting fixtures and "Life Safety Equipment".

eLITE Model ELN (550 W to 1.5 kW)

The eLITE Model ELN emergency power inverters are designed for emergency lighting applications in schools, gyms, security systems, parking structures, hospitals, restaurants, and hotels. This particular inverter is HID compatible and used in applications where electronic ballast loads account for less than 50% of the inverter's rated output. The Model ELN is often used to supply battery backup to ventilation fans required to operate during emergency conditions.

eLITE Model ELE (5.3 kW to 18 kW)

The eLITE Model ELE offers the highest kW capacity of any single phase emergency power inverter in the industry. This product features single-point operation and maintenance, as well as a user-friendly Intellistat monitor which provides quick access to all of the inverter's status, testing, data logging, and electrical parameters. The eLITE Model ELE is a true uninterruptible power system, designed for HID, incandescent, halogen, quartz lighting, plus electronic ballast loading up to 50% of the inverter's rated output. The Model ELE is designed to supply multiple, pre-wired output voltages at the same time, with no inverter modifications or additional transformers.