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Communication Options

New NetMinder – CS141 Series Network Adapters

New! NetMinder  CS141b  – Ethernet TCP/IP / SNMP Adapter The NetMinder CS141 series of adapters integrate a Controlled Power UPS or lighting inverter into an Ethernet TCP/IP, MODBUS TCP, or MODBUS RS485 network with a specific IP address. The NetMinder CS141 adapters provide remote monitoring of UPS / Inverter status, alarm conditions and electrical measurements via a web browser, without the need for any external software. Remote notification of alarms and status are available via SNMP, e-mail, and network broadcast messaging. The CS141 series of adapters also perform an unattended graceful shutdown of critical servers when used in conjunction with the NetMinder RCCMD client.

When used in a lighting inverter application, the NetMinder CS141B will report inverter battery test pass/fail results for NFPA life safety system requirements. The NetMinder CS141L advanced version provides a temperature and humidity sensing interface.

BACnet Communications

BACnet compatibility is available with certain Controlled Power UPS and lighting inverter products ... consult factory for specific products and details. When used with these products, the NetMinder CS141 series of adapters are able to communicate over a BACnet/IP or MS/TP network with the addition of customized hardware provided by Controlled Power Company. All objects including: parameters, alarms, status, and test results can be monitored and stored by building management systems, improving connectivity and simplifying maintenance.

The NetMinder CS141 series of adapters are available in three different versions:

NetMinder CS141B – Basic Ethernet / SNMP / TCP/IP / MODBUS TCP communications used in UPS and lighting inverter applications. The CS141B also provides battery test pass/fail reporting via TCP/IP, e-mail and MODBUS TCP for lighting inverters to satisfy NFPA requirements for life safety.

NetMinder CS141L – Advanced version, includes all functionality of the basic version, plus the addition of temperature and humidity sensing capability, and 4 auxiliary contact closure inputs.

NetMinder CS141L-485 – Adds MODBUS RS485 communications to the advanced version of the NetMinder CS141L. However, temperature and humidity sensing are not available in this version.

CS141 Applications – One line diagrams are generic. Please download the Communication Products Overview for the specific status, alarm conditions and electrical measurements being monitored for each UPS or inverter model.

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New! NetMinder – UPS Management & Monitoring Suite

It is important to be informed as well as protected. Available on our entire line of UPS and lighting inverter systems is the NetMinder UPS Management & Monitoring Suite. NetMinder is a real-time software package that includes 4 different programs that monitor the status and operation of the UPS, as well as provide remote monitoring, alarm notification, and unattended server shutdown. In the event of a system problem, power problem or power failure, NetMinder will send e-mails, SNMP traps or a network broadcast message notifying key personnel of the condition. If power is not restored or the system problem has not subsided, NetMinder can be instructed to shutdown computer(s) which are connected to the network. NetMinder is network and internet compatible, which enables key personnel to check the status of the UPS / lighting inverter, and/or view the electrical measurements of the system, i.e. voltage, current, % battery, % load etc. from anywhere in the world! NetMinder is easy to install and runs on over 31 different operating systems. NetMinder can run locally on a single server connected to a UPS, or over the network with an Ethernet adapter.

NetMinder UPS Management Suite consists of the following programs:

NetMinder UPSMAN – Communicates with the UPS via serial, USB or TCP/IP in order to receive UPS status information and electrical measurement data. UPSMAN notifies authorized personnel of UPS status and alarm conditions via e-mail, SNMP, and text messaging. UPSMAN records all events into a log-file to provide the data to applications on the network or for viewing by authorized personnel. During a power failure, the UPSMAN monitors the remaining battery time of a UPS and initiates local or network shutdowns of protected computers if necessary.

NetMinder UPSMON – Program for viewing UPS status, logs, and measurement data.

NetMinder RCCMD – Program for graceful unattended shutdown of servers. Must be used in conjunction with UPSMAN or a NetMinder CS141 Ethernet adapter. See RCCMD description for more information.

NetMinder UNMS II – (Basic version) – Program for monitoring multiple (up to 9) UPS's and other network devices such as switches, routers HVAC equipment etc. from one terminal. The full version of UNMS II features SNMP notification as well as monitoring capability of an unlimited number of UPS's and network devices. See UNMS II description for more information.

NetMinder UNMS II – (Advanced Version) – The Advanced version of UNMS II has all of the features of the Basic version, plus the monitoring of an unlimited number of UPS's and lighting inverters, as well as SNMP notification. One of the key features of the Advanced version of UNMS II is the ability to monitor multiple UPS's from different manufacturers. UNMS II will monitor not only Controlled Power Company UPS's and lighting inverters, but nearly all other manufacturers' units which have a network card installed in them.

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NetMinder UNMS II

NetMinder UNMS II NetMinder UNMS II is a centralized monitoring software package which provides users the ability to monitor multiple UPS's and/or lighting inverters from a single computer terminal. If a company has multiple Controlled Power UPS's or lighting inverters with a NetMinder Ethernet adapter or any systems running NetMinder UPS Management Suite on the same network or over the internet, NetMinder UNMS II provides system status and full monitoring of each UPS or inverter from one location. If a facility has other manufacturers' UPS's or inverters with network capability, these can be monitored as well from the same terminal, eliminating the need for multiple monitoring systems. In the event of an alarm or change in status condition with the equipment, then NetMinder UNMS II will send an e-mail notifying key personnel of the condition. NetMinder UNMS II can also monitor HVAC equipment, motion detectors, routers, switches, environmental monitors, and much more! A basic version of NetMinder UNMS II is included with NetMinder UPS Management Suite and is capable of monitoring up to 9 devices with e-mail notification. The full version of NetMinder UNMS II includes e-mail, SNMP, a customizable interface, multilevel monitoring, and provisions to add up an unlimited number of UPS's, inverters and network devices. NetMinder UNMS II runs on Windows 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10, and incorporates SSL technology for advanced security.
  • Complete Multiple UPS/Inverter Centralized Monitoring
  • Monitor Multiple Manufacturers' UPS's / Inverters
  • Integrate and Monitor Entire Facilities Together
  • Customizable Interface
  • Advanced Logging Capabilities
  • E-mail Notification
  • SNMP Notification

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NetMinder RCCMD Client

NetMinder UNMS II The NetMinder RCCMD is an operating system client program that works in conjunction with NetMinder UPSMAN, NetMinder CS141. In the event of a critical condition that requires operating systems to be shutdown, the NetMinder RCCMD Client can be instructed to perform a graceful shutdown upon receipt of a command from a NetMinder UPSMAN or NetMinder CS141. NetMinder RCCMD client uses very few system resources, and is compatible with over 30 different operating systems.

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Multifunction Communications Modem

Multi Function Fax Modem Meeting NFPA standards for system testing is critical in today's business infrastructure. To assist in meeting these standards, Controlled Power Company is offering the Multifunction Communications Modem (MCM). The Multifunction Communications Modem can send a fax, an e-mail, dial a phone number and play a prerecorded message, or report system test results to a web page. On inverters with system test pass/fail contacts, the Multifunction Communications Modem records system test results and automatically sends a written test report which satisfies NFPA guidelines for stored energy emergency lighting system testing. The Multifunction Communications Modem comes standard with 2 contact inputs for battery test pass/fail results, plus options for up to 8 different devices.

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Automatic Message Dialer

Automatic Message Dialer System monitoring is critical. In some cases where email or a computer network is not available, the Automatic Message Dialer fills the gap. The automatic message dialer is an optional device available on our UPS/lighting inverter product lines that provides 24/7 monitoring via a telephone line. In the event there is an alarm condition with the UPS or lighting inverter, the Automatic Message Dialer dials up to 3 numbers and plays a customizable pre-recorded voice message.

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USB Adapter

USB Adapter The USB adapter allows for flexible connectivity from a server running NetMinder UPSMAN to any Controlled Power Company UPS, without the need of a serial port.
Note: Size and color of adapter may vary from one shown. Not available on HV UPS's.

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Temperature Sensor & Temperature / Humidity Sensor

Temperature Sensor & Temperature / Humidity Sensor Temperature and Temperature/Humidity sensors are available as options on the NetMinder CS141L. Both of these sensors measure either the ambient temperature and/or humidity and display the results on a network computer. If the temperature or humidity exceeds the predefined, programmable thresholds, the CS141L will send an e-mail, SNMP trap, or RCCMD command for shutting down servers. This keeps personnel informed and critical equipment protected.

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MIU4 (4x Port Expander)

MIU4 (4x Port Expander) The MIU 4 is available with the CPC line of UPS's and lighting inverters. The MIU 4 gives you the flexibility to use the NetMinder UPSMAN or CS141, an Automatic Message Dialer, plus 2 other ports for a remote annunciator or another alarm monitoring device from one UPS. With the MIU4, there are no worries about running out of status signals.