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Water / Sewage Treatment

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Municipal water, wastewater, and sewage treatment facilities require regulated voltage and uninterrupted power to maintain 24 / 7 treatment processes and operations. Any downtime can result in a reduced or lost public water supply, and may promote contamination that puts the public’s health at risk. Controlled Power Company offers a variety of products for water, wastewater, and sewage treatment facilities. Click on any product below for additional details.

Model ES (4500VA - 15500VA)

Model ES 4500VA – 15500VA UPS

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Model ESV (1.5kVA - 14kVA)

Model ESV 1.5kVA - 14kVA UPS

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Industrial Power Purifier (500VA - 25kVA)

Industrial Power Purifier Series 800PI / 800P2 / 800P3 (500VA - 25kVA)

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LTN Series (700VA - 2.1kVA)

LTN Series UPS 700VA - 2.1kVA

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Model LTN-3R (550 VA - 1.3 kVA)

Floor- or pad-mounted outdoor UPS with voltage regulation and power conditioning

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Power Processor Series 700A (5kVA - 1MVA)

Power Processor Series 700 Voltage Regulator 5kVA - 1MVA

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Power Processor Series 700F (10kVA - 150kVA)

Power Processor Series 700F Front Access Power Conditioner/Regulator

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ULTRA-K Series 600K-he (5kVA - 500kVA)

ULTRA-K, High Efficiency, K-Rated Power Conditioner, 1 & 3 Phase

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