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SureImage Model Ultra-K/M (75K(i) - 225K(i))

Part of the SureImage, Imaging and Treatment Series, the Power Conditioner Model Ultra-K/M is a medical grade power conditioner/isolation transformer for MRI, CT, PET, Linear Accelerator, and X-Ray equipment. The Ultra-K/M conditions and isolates power, protecting medical imaging and treatment equipment from spikes, harmonics and ground noise, thus ensuring accurate and clear image scans.

Three Phase Sizes: 75K(i), 112.5K(i), 150K(i), 225K(i)

Features & Benefits
Technical Specs

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Features & Benefits

  • Significant Reduction / Elimination of "Artifacts" In the Digital Image
  • Enhanced Workflow and Processing Time
  • Prevents Premature Failure of Imaging / Treatment Equipment
  • Lower Cost to Maintain Imaging / Treatment Equipment
  • Reduced Installation Expenses
  • Higher Power Efficiency and Lower Operating Costs

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Technical Specs

  • Front Access
  • Meets NEMA TP 1-2002 Efficiency Standards
  • Efficiency: 98%
  • Load Regulation: <2% From Typical Steady State Load to Intermittent Power Demand
  • Transverse Mode Noise Attenuation: 3dB down @10KHz, 40dB down per decade
  • Common Mode Noise Attenuation: 146dB
  • K-Rating: 13
  • Transformer Shielding: Triple
  • Output Impedance: 2% typical
  • Temperature Rise: 115°C Over Ambient

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  • MRI
  • CT
  • PET
  • X-Ray
  • Linear Accelerator
  • Cardiology

  • What is a K(i) Rating?

  • A “K(i) rating” refers to the intermittent kVA or momentary power demand rating. When performing an imaging scan or treatment procedure, most medical equipment has a high inrush current — meaning that the current will rise 3 to 5 times the steady state current, or higher! SureImage medical K(i) rated power conditioners and voltage regulators are designed to supply this demand, while continuing to provide tightly-regulated voltage.

  • How do I know I need a power conditioner for my imaging system?

  • In most cases if image scans are of poor quality or the equipment is not functioning properly on a frequent basis or even sporadic occurrences, then the power going to the imaging equipment could be out of specification and may need a power conditioner.

  • How does the Ultra-K/M Power Conditioner differ from other power conditioners?

  • The Ultra-K/M has many different features that set it apart from other power conditioners. #1) Low Output Impedance. The Ultra-K/M has a 2% output impedance. This provides higher inrush capability, while delivering a more stable voltage and a lower vTHD during an imaging scan. #2) Line noise and ground noise attenuation. Many power conditioners do not have high levels of ground and line noise attenuation. The Ultra-K/M Power Conditioner is triple shielded, and provides common mode (line to ground) noise attenuation of 146dB, simply the highest in the industry. Factoring in the leakage inductance of the transformer and output filtering, there exists a high level of transverse mode noise attenuation as well: 3dB down at 10kHZ, 40dB down per decade. #3) Isolation. Some voltage regulators do NOT provide isolation. In fact, isolation is critical for the successful installation of medical imaging and treatment equipment. With isolation, a new neutral to ground bond is established, which prevents disruptive and sometimes damaging ground noise. Classified as a newly derived power source, OEM specified Total Load Regulation specifications can be met, and crucial common mode noise attenuation can be accomplished.

  • How does the Ultra-K/M Power Conditioner improve quality of the image scans?

  • The Ultra-K/M improves the quality of image scans because of its isolation, superior "step load" voltage regulation, re-established N-G bond, and attenuation of voltage spikes. When the power is clean, the imaging device will operate at its optimum level.