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Medical, Commercial and Industrial Power Conditioners

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Medical, Commercial and Industrial Power Conditioners

Controlled Power Company's has over 35 years experience in the design and manufacturing of single and three phase power conditioners. This experience has allowed us to tailor our power conditioning designs to match the electrical power needs of mission critical electronic systems used in medical, commercial, and industrial applications.

Medical Applications

SureImage Model Ultra-K/M & Model 700F/M (60K(i) - 225K(i))

Controlled Power Company's SureImage medical grade power conditioners are designed for medical imaging and treatment applications. SureImage power conditioners are available in two different models: the Model Ultra-K/M and the Model 700F/M. Both models provide three phase line conditioning and isolation, and are designed specifically for equipment such as MRI, CT, PET and Linear Accelerators. The rating of all SureImage power conditioners is expressed in continuous kVA and intermittent kVA, or K(i). Each model's low output impedance and K(i) rating allow it to handle the high momentary power demand of imaging equipment when going from standby to scan mode. This design assures optimal performance of the imaging equipment and reduces the overall footprint of the SureImage enclosure.

The Model 700F/M power conditioner provides line voltage regulation (+/- 2%) and is provided in a front access style enclosure with output breaker options. It features optional power quality monitoring, which can effectively diagnose power problems for site power analysis.

Commercial and Industrial Applications

Industrial Power Purifier (250VA - 25kVA)

The Series 800PI Industrial Power Purifier is a constant voltage transformer, and is ideal for any electrical environment, but is especially designed for factory automation systems and industrial controls. This power conditioning constant voltage transformer enhances the industrial equipment's reliability by delivering isolated, regulated and noise-free sinewave power. It also protects against sags, surges, and brownouts, while providing harmonic attenuation and tight voltage regulation.

Commercial Power Purifier (250VA - 15kVA)

The Series 800A Commercial Power Purifier is a self-regulating, constant voltage, isolation transformer that takes erratic, polluted, and fluctuating power and purifies it for use in sensitive electronic equipment. This commercial-grade power conditioner features +/-3% line voltage regulation, full harmonic attenuation, isolation and high noise attenuation. Designed and packaged for commercial environments, an input line cord and plug are available on models below 3kVA, and output receptacles are available on all models.

Power Processor (5kVA - 1MVA)

The Power Processor Series 700A and Series 700F are automatic voltage regulators that guard against both high and low voltage conditions. These high efficiency voltage-regulating power conditioners are used to provide exceptional power quality to sensitive electronic equipment within government buildings, concert halls, refineries, waste water treatment plants and any manufacturing facility where automation and industrial controls are used. Their all-copper, multi-tapped, triple-shielded isolation transformer and microprocessor-controlled regulator corrects for voltage fluctuations within one cycle and accurately maintains the nominal voltage within +/-3%. The Series 700F is provided in a front access style enclosure. It features output breaker options, power quality monitoring, and a small cabinet footprint.

Ultra-K Transformer (5kVA - 500kVA)

The Ultra-K is an all copper wound, K-rated, multi-shielded, high efficiency, computer grade, low impedance, isolation transformer designed for linear and non-linear loads. It provides voltage transformation as well as harmonic handling and attenuation, plus a new ground-neutral reference for isolating equipment in buildings with high ground noise. The Ultra-K also provides high common mode and transverse mode noise attenuation, and fits perfectly in environments where there is a need for spike and ground noise protection.