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PET(Positron Emission Tomography). A clear and definite image is critical for a correct patient diagnosis. If the power is poor, especially in critical nuclear based equipment, then image quality and accuracy is compromised, thus resulting in a possible misdiagnosis. With this in mind, Controlled Power Company has developed a line of products designed specifically for the efficiency of PET equipment operation. If the power going to the PET equipment is clean and conditioned, the equipment will operate at it's peak performance with optimum image quality and accuracy. Since most of the power consumed by PET equipment is during a scan, our power conditioning products for PET equipment have a K(i) rating (intermittent kVA). This means that they are sized and rated to handle the instantanous surge currents associated with PET equipment. Below is a list of our products that are compatible with PET equipment, click on any one for more information.

Recommended Products

SureImage Power Distribution Unit Model 600/M

Medical OEM PDU With Power Conditioning / Isolation

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SureImage Power Processor Model 700F/M

Power Processor Model 700F/M Medical Grade Power Conditioner / Regulator

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SureImage Model Ultra-K/M (75K(i) - 225K(i))

SureImage Power Conditioner Model Ultra-K/M Medical Grade Isolation Transformer

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