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SuiteLITE (600W - 3000W)

MRI suites use DC power instead of AC power because EMI produced by AC lighting affects image quality and equipment performance. The SuiteLITE is an AC to DC converter that takes normal AC power and converts it to DC power compatible with MRI suite lighting. The SuiteLITE features a manual dimmer to adjust intensity control, closed loop voltage regulation to within +/-2% to assure consistent intensity, as well as an isolation transformer to prevent high frequency noise from interfering with MRI equipment. An optional "In Suite" electronic dimmer control allows personnel to adjust intensity from within the MRI suite without interference to MRI equipment. The SuiteLITE is for use with 120V incandescent lamps only.

Single Phase Sizes: 600W, 1200W, 2000W, 3000W

Features & Benefits
Technical Specs

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Features & Benefits

  • Adjustable DC Output
  • Tight Voltage Regulation
  • Commercial Dimmer Switch Control
  • Optional "In Suite" Dimmer Control
  • Wall Mounted NEMA1 Enclosure
  • AC Input Circuit Breaker
  • Filtered Output

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Technical Specs

  • Output Voltage: 0V to 120V DC (Adjustable)
  • 100% Duty Rated
  • AC Input Voltage: 120V
  • DC Output Voltage Regulation: +/-2%
  • <5% DC Ripple

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  • MRI Suite DC Lighting
  • Medical DC Lighting

  • Where would I use SuiteLITE?

  • The most common use is MRI suite lighting, where normal AC lighting can not be used because of EMI / RFI interference which affects MRI image quality. Note though that the SuiteLITE is used with 120V incandescent lamps only.

  • How does the SuiteLITE differ from competitors' DC supplies?

  • SuiteLITE features not only a standard, off-the-shelf dimmer control, but also an isolation transformer that most competitors do not use. The isolation transformer is important to achieve proper DC voltage levels, and helps prevent any high frequency noise from passing through into the MRI suite lighting systems. Limiting the high frequency and filtering out the residual AC component assures distortion-free MRI imaging. SuiteLITE uses a solid state design complete with closed loop voltage regulation to within +/-2%. Most of the competitors' products use a variable transformer technology. The variable transformer approach is less efficient, costs more, and requires time to raise and lower the light levels. On the SuiteLITE, when the dimmer switch is adjusted to a specific intensity, the lamps react instantly and the intensity is kept consistent, regardless of line voltage or lamp load change.

  • Can the intensity of the MRI lighting be adjusted within the MRI suite?

  • Yes! The SuiteLITE features an optional "In Suite" DC dimmer control. A DC dimmer switch is installed within the MRI suite which gives the user the flexibility to adjust intensity without having to leave the suite. This option uses a low-voltage DC circuit to insure interference-free operation with the MRI imaging equipment.