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Today's industrial processes have become incredibly complex due to automation, computerization, greater equipment repeatability and reproducibility, and detailed quality control metrics. Many industrial facilities and manufacturing plants use variable frequency drives, electric motors, and other types of production components which contribute to a harsh electrical environment ... in other words, "bad power".

Such an electrical environment presents unique challenges when providing "clean, regulated power" to critical loads, in addition to providing battery backup. Often, the high-powered industrial equipment will interfere with vulnerable electronic controls (e.g. SCADA, DCS, and ICS, which all interface with PLC's, RTU's, sensors, and telemetry). Protecting these controls and their applications (e.g., wastewater treatment, oil and gas production, food processing, parts fabrication / machining, etc.) requires electrical power solutions that deliver isolated, regulated, transient-, and noise-free sinewave power. We have a number of products and technologies that offer these solutions!

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Our field-proven industrial power quality products include constant voltage transformers, power conditioning voltage regulators, emergency lighting inverters ... as well as industrial UPS's, which have been validated by Frost & Sullivan!

See what Frost & Sullivan analysts have said about Controlled Power Company and our UPS products! You're also welcome to read our Frost & Sullivan award document, which recognizes our standard and custom solutions in the backup power industry.

"Its products are designed to provide robust technology to a rugged industrial market."

"Unparalleled engineering expertise and quick turnaround in problem-solving have aided in building customer confidence in the industrial UPS market."

"Controlled Power Company's products not only provide uninterrupted power supply but also power conditioning, voltage regulation, and isolation."

Our strength is in listening to our customers, understanding their unique electrical challenges, and providing power quality and battery backup solutions which are reliable and beneficial to their applications. The products below highlight each of our industrial UPS, as well as our emergency lighting inverters, power conditioners, and voltage regulators. You may access product descriptions, specifications, and more by clicking on any one of the products listed below!