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With the ever incresing use of computers and information technology devices, clean and uninterrupted power is a necessity. Poor utility power can lead to lost data, unexpected shutdowns and restarts, system crashes, and improper operation of peripherals. Controlled Power Company has developed a complete line of UPS's and power conditioners to protect mission critical electronic equipment from virtually all problems associated with poor power. On our UPS line, we also offer shutdown software to protect systems in the event of an extended power outage as well as remote communication capabilities to keep key personnel of UPS status. See our complete IT/Computer product line of power quality products below.

LT Series (700VA - 2.1kVA)

LT Series UPS 700VA - 2.1kVA

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LTR Series (700VA - 2.1kVA)

LTR Series Rack Mounted UPS 700VA - 2.1kVA

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Model ES (4500VA - 15500VA)

Model ES 4500VA – 15500VA UPS

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Model ESV (1.5kVA - 14kVA)

Model ESV 1.5kVA - 14kVA UPS

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MD Series (3.1kVA - 7.5kVA)

MD Series UPS 3.1kVA - 7.5kVA

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HV Series (7.5kVA - 25kVA)

The HV Series Uninterruptible Power System 7.5kVA - 25kVA

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Commercial Power Purifier (1KVA - 15kVA)

Commercial Power Purifier Series 800A Single Phase Power Conditioner

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ULTRA-K Series 600K-he (5kVA - 500kVA)

ULTRA-K, High Efficiency, K-Rated Power Conditioner, 1 & 3 Phase

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