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CT(Computerized Tomography)machines such as CAT (Computerized Axial Tomography) as well as all other imaging devices require precise power to accuratly deliver the proper X-Ray and insure precise X-Ray analysis producing clean and precise imaging. Improper power requirements can cause such problems as unclear images, scanning failure, X-Ray control failure as well complete equipment failure. Controlled Power Company has developed a complete line of power conditioning products to insure efficient CT operation. Below is a list of our products, click on a specific product below to view product info.

Recommended Products

Commercial Power Purifier (1KVA - 15kVA)

Commercial Power Purifier Series 800A Single Phase Power Conditioner

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SureImage Power Distribution Unit Model 600/M

Medical OEM PDU With Power Conditioning / Isolation

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SureImage Power Processor Model 700F/M

Power Processor Model 700F/M Medical Grade Power Conditioner / Regulator

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SureImage Model Ultra-K/M (75K(i) - 225K(i))

SureImage Power Conditioner Model Ultra-K/M Medical Grade Isolation Transformer

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